“I highly recommend Rebecca McBride as a copy editor and writer. Under contract to the Conseo Group/Lumina Foundation and AED (now FHI 360), Rebecca copy edited a large publication that I co-authored. I found her to be a thorough, careful editor and I appreciated her sensitivity to the language appropriate for our intended audience. Because Rebecca consistently met our deadlines, asked thoughtful questions, and produced high quality work, it was a pleasure to work with her. Colleagues to whom I have recommended Rebecca have been pleased as well.”
––Linda Simkin, President, Research Action Associates

“Rebecca McBride has worked as a freelance editor for AED publications since November 2001. Her contributions have including editing, copyediting, and proofreading for reports, summary brochures, and curriculum materials. I have always found her to be thorough, conscientious, and timely. It is a pleasure to work with her.”
—Elayne Archer, Project Director, AED

“I am delighted to recommend Rebecca. I hired her to edit a large document written by multiple authors at the eleventh hour, and she not only pulled it off but created an incredible product that pleased the client and their funder. She is on my short list of editors and I would love to work with her again.”

“Rebecca McBride has edited and researched entries for bibliographies of various subjects, as well as provided copyediting and proofreading for a number of publications. She was thoughtful, thorough, and timely in the delivery of her work.”
—Merle Froschl and Barbara Sprung, Co-Directors, Educational Equity Concepts, Inc.

“Thank you for your earnest and creative contribution to this project—well beyond the call of duty!”
—Laurence A. Pagnoni, Laurence A. Pagnoni & Associates

“The manual’s author, Rebecca McBride, clarified, simplified, and synthesized complex ideas and practices to create a final product that is comprehensive, insightful, and practical.”
—Mary Jane Cotter, Associate Executive Director, St. Christopher-Ottilie Services for Children and Families

“It was because of Rebecca’s skill and patience that we were able to produce a ‘reader-friendly’ foster care manual. She had the difficult task of interpreting our thoughts and putting them in a language and format that was easy to understand. There were many times that our workgroups were stuck with how to organize our tremendous amount of material. We just turned it over to Rebecca and she would produce exactly what we were thinking, only prettier! The Niagara County Foster Care manual is still getting rave reviews from whoever sees it and it still continually amazes us that we were able to produce this type of product, and that was only because of Rebecca’s skill and talent.”
—Angela DiBiase, Regional Office Project Associate, New York State Office of Children and Family Services

“I really like the tone you are establishing in the prose. It is so friendly. Having been a foster parent and having been given a manual, I can tell you that it was not something you felt like sitting down with and reading. I feel much differently about what you have written. It has the feel of a trusted friend talking to you about the way things really work. It is understandable, human, and informative. I actually enjoyed reading it. The old manual felt like homework; this feels like a welcomed letter.”
—Dawne Guidry, Senior Trainer, Center for Human Development Services, Buffalo State College

“Thank you for your enormous patience and perseverance throughout this project.  Somehow, you managed to stay focused and move us forward despite a derailment or two. I really like the way that you put this all together—simple, clear, straightforward.”
—Lisa Futtner, Professional Development Program, University at Albany Research Foundation