The Chatham Bookstore
Publicity: press releases, event listings, media distribution

Art School of Columbia County
Publicity: press releases, event listings, media distribution

Chatham Film Club
Publicity: press releases, event listings, media distribution

Chatham Central School District
Handbook for School Board Members

NYS Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU)
Articles, letters, press releases

Chatham Education Foundation
A fund of the
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
Feature articles, press releases, brochure



Addressing Resource Gaps in the U.S. Health Care Safety Net: An Assessment of the Free Clinic Network

Lumina Foundation/Conseo Group
Reports and survey toolkit for KnowHow2GO college access national network

City University of New York (CUNY)

  • Instructional Teams at Guttman Community College: Building a Learning Community of Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Planning for the New Community College: January 2009—June 2010
  • Putting Students at the Center at Guttman Community College: Accomplishments and Challenges in the Inaugural Years (August 2014)

Council on Children and Families

  • Children and Poverty in New York State
  • Early Learning Guidelines

Millennium Group International

  • From Information Into Action: A Guide to Using Postsecondary Data to Improve Students’ Chances for Postsecondary Success
  • Bringing Students Back to the Center: A Resource Guide for Implementing and Enhancing Re-engagement Centers for Out-of-School Youth (July 2014)

FHI 360 (AED)

  • ISA Sustainability Plan—Recommendations for Implementation in Five-Years-and-Beyond Partner Schools
  • Local Partner Capacity Building (LPCB) Program—Eight core training packages for HIV/AIDS service providers in Zambia
  • ARTAS Linkage Case Management—An Intervention for People Recently Diagnosed with HIV: Implementation Manual
  • Expanding Career Options for Young People: Evaluation of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s CareerLaunch Program
  • Facilitators’ and Documenters’ Guide to Rubrics Discussion of Conditions that Impede and Support Effective Leadership
  • TEEN ACTION: Achieving Change Together in Our Neighborhoods Curriculum
  • Establishing Apprenticeship Programs for Youth Workers: A Planning Guide
  • Building Emergency Contraception Awareness Among Adolescents: A Toolkit
  • BEST Strengthens Youth Worker Practice
  • Supervising Youth Development Practice: A Facilitator’s Guide for Training Supervisors of Youth Workers
  • Evaluation of the National Writing Project
  • A Place to Grow: Final Evaluation of the NYC Beacons

Educational Equity Center (EEC)

  • Science, Gender, and Afterschool
  • Building Community: A Manual Exploring Issues of Women and Disability (bibliography)
  • Including All of Us: An Early Childhood Curriculum about Disability (resource list)
  • Playtime is Science CD ROM

Violence Institute of New Jersey, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  • SourceBook of Drug and Violence Prevention Strategies for Children and Adolescents
  • A Guide for Parents: Ideas for Creating a Non-Aggressive and Peaceful Atmosphere
  • Positive Approaches to Student Discipline: Legal, Policy, and Programmatic Considerations

Projects for Welfare Research, Inc. (WRI)

New York State Office of Children and Family Services



  • Bridges to Health Program Manual
  • New York City Foster Parent’s Guide to Adoption
  • What to Expect From an Adoption Attorney
  • A Child is Waiting Brochure