Traveling Between the Lines:
Europe in 1938

Margaret and John Randolph

From May to September 1938, one year before the start of World War II, John and Margaret Randolph traveled from the U.S. to Europe. At ages 34 and 27, they were on an adventure, traveling by train, renting bicycles, and sleeping in youth hostels––a typical tour in an atypical time. They traveled to Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, and Wales before finding passage home on a freighter. Rebecca McBride’s father, a mathematician who had just spent two years at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, kept a daily journal of the trip. After his death, McBride came across the journal. Knowing what took place in Germany in 1938 and what would follow throughout Europe, she began to research the historical context for the trip and ask, how much did they know, and what did they see? The book combines his journal with her historical and personal commentary. It is available from bookstores, Amazon (print or Kindle), and Photographs by John F. Randolph.